Wealth Management

Financial planning and investment strategies for navigating all of life’s inflection points

Private Wealth Management

Inflection strives to bring meaning and purpose to our advice-based relationships by providing personalized, efficient, highly-proactive support. We aim to provide our clients with thoughtful service, the result of which are decisions that lead toward financial security, confidence with a sense of freedom. Ultimately, we endeavor to have a healthier and happier affect for those we are fortunate enough to serve, as well as the community in which we serve.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning
  • Financial Services

    Personal, 1-on-1 proactive financial advice with accountability.

  • Financial Literacy

    Improve your finances with actionable, research based strategies.


    Maximize opportunities and minimize risk with our world-class financial services.

Investment Management

Investment Management
  • Investment Account

    Discuss and review investment strategies to reach your investment goals.

  • Investing Money

    Learn the importance of asset allocation and discern risk profile to make informed investment decisions.

  • Investing Fundamentals

    Strategic investing means selecting what works best for your goals.

Account Manager

Account Manager
  • High Yield Savings Account

    Apply capital preservation to your net worth.

  • Retirement Planning

    Learn and prepare for financial independence.

  • Life Insurance

    Include security in your long-term wealth strategy.

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It is our goal to deliver value in meaningful relationships throughout all of life’s inflection points.

What does that mean? It means we value our relationship with you, above all else. At Inflection Wealth Management, we will work with you to:

  • Help bring order to your financial life
  • Help you follow through on financial commitments
  • Bring insight to help make practical decisions on emotionally-charged issues
  • Anticipate your life transitions and be financially prepared for them
  • Explore the specific knowledge you need to succeed in your unique situation
  • Help you achieve your best life possible
IWM Roadmap Transparency
Career Family Major Purchase Market / Economic Retirement Health Life Legacy


The first job, the big promotion, or a major transition. Those all have an effect on your finances, as do student loans, business ventures and building an investment portfolio. Each one can affect the other, and not everyone has time to manage the details. That’s where we can make a difference. Today’s job market is nothing like it was for previous generations. With careful planning we can help you make big changes confidently.


Families can include big changes: birth, an adoption, a wedding, grandchildren, or even a divorce. With planning, you’ll be ready to take on changes.

Major Purchase

It all boils down to decision making! We help clients live out their goals and values to be prepared for intelligent and informed spending decisions. Whether it’s college planning, the purchase of a new home or vehicle, or something unplanned, we’ll ensure you’re ready.

Market / Economic

Wise investors not only try to ride market success, they plan for when the economy cycles through a downturn or troubled times. We can help diversify your investment strategy to give you a sense of reassurance if trouble hits, and accelerate growth when conditions brighten.


Retirement planning is more complex than in eras gone by. It’s about achieving financial independence and transitioning into the next phase of life. How much money will you need to retire? What role will Social Security play? How will you use your investments and retirement accounts? We understand the forces at work around retirement, and that our non-working years shouldn’t be spent worrying about finances. Putting a plan in place is about more than just numbers; it’s also about understanding how needs change.


Health care continues to be a huge expense. Have a plan if you should get sick, injured, or need care.


… it happens! We plan for the certainty of uncertainty. We will plan together so you can navigate the unexpected.


Charitable giving and the thoughtful transfer of your assets to people and causes you care about are some of the most honorable and personal ways to build your legacy. Careful estate planning can help your gifts continue to benefit others for decades to come and avoid potential conflicts.

Our Values

Meaningful Work
We believe in working to improve the lives of others, to make a positive difference beyond the bottom line.
We make it a priority to serve others with quality and value.
We walk the talk when it comes to doing what’s right.
We are professionals, with years of experience. We are always learning and seeking to grow.
We understand the power of personal connection, and the value of trust.

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